3 thoughts on “Song of the Day (TBT) 8/23/18 The Kinks “All the Day and All of the Night””

  1. Certainly not the song I ws expecting, lol. Sure wish you had told the story about this version. (Where? When?) Ray and the boys were always one of my favourites, alongs with the Animals and the Yardbirds (to name a few) but I never saw them rockin’ it like this before. Good choice.

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      1. I’m an old fogey who knows nothing from punk, or grunge, or whatevr else has raged since 1972. That was the year my music died, though its death throes still reverberate today. When the Kinks came to Winnipeg (or wherever I saw them) they were respectable musicians, at lesst for a couple hours. This that was on your video would have rocked the arena off its foundations.


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