Harry Chapin

A really nice remembrance of a great artist from my friend Kevin Fura

“I meant to post this yesterday on the 37th anniversary of his death. I had the opportunity to see Harry Chapin perform only once in my life. It was early 1980 at Allentown Symphony Hall in Allentown, PA. I went there expecting a fine performance and left with much more. Harry’s plane was late and the show started with a 30-45 minute emergency performance by Tom Chapin. He was so entertaining that nobody really noticed the time. Suddenly a roar came through the crowd as Harry ran through the center row, guitar in hand, and jumped up onto the stage. He was very apologetic and promised an extra long performance that evening. All of the standards were covered plus some obscure tunes. It was just Harry and Tom, the band was not with him that evening.
Toward the end of the concert, Harry announced that they would be available after the show to sign autographs, pitch his causes, and just bullshit. Needless to say I waited after the show to meet him. Tom and I had a long conversation about the status of the New York Knicks and he graciously provided me with an autograph. After waiting for a little while, I got a chance to meet Harry. Words cannot express the kindness he provided in making small talk and signing an autograph. The most remarkable thing was the lack of bodyguards or any entourage, it was just Harry, Tom, and their fans. I still have the autographs. Harry’s is matted with a photo from the “Heads & Tails” album. I will never forget that evening and will always “remember when the music”.

Song of the Day July 17 George Ezra “Paradise”

George Ezra is a 25 year old (!) English songwriter who had some fame a few years back with the song Budapest.  This past spring he put out his second album, Staying at Tamara’s, which raised his craft to an entirely new level.  So many great songs on this album, hard to choose one.  But Paradise is definitely a pleaser!

July 17

July 17

1965, ‘Papa’s Got a Brand New Bag’ by James Brown is released. It goes on to sell over 2 million copies, and is considered seminal to the emergence of funk music as a distinct style.


1975, Bob Marley and the Wailers start a two night stand at The Lyceum, London, performances of which appear on a live album released later that year. The single off the album was ‘No Woman No Cry.’


July 16 This Day in Music History

1969, The Beatles begin work on two new George Harrison songs, “Here Comes the Sun” and “Something” during recording of Abbey Road.  Harrison was apparently inspired to write “Here Comes the Sun” after spending the day in the garden at Eric Clapton’s house.



1977, One hit wonder Shaun Cassidy, half brother of Partridge Family heartthrob David Cassidy, went to No.1 on the US singles chart with ‘Da Doo Ron Ron’, a cover of the 1963 hit by the Crystals.  Is a one hit wonder less of a wonder if the hit is a cover??  He also was in the Hardy Boy Mysteries, a late 70’s TV series.



2007, The White Stripes played their ‘shortest live show ever’ in St. John’s, Newfoundland, Canada, when Jack White played a single guitar C# note accompanied by a bass drum/crash cymbal hit from Meg White. At the end of the “show”, Jack announced, “We have now officially played in every province and territory in Canada.” They then left the stage and performed a full show later that night in St John’s.  Why?  Why not?  From This Day in Music.com

Image result for the white stripes

Sources: This Day in Music.com; Wikipedia

Song of the Day Frank Turner “Someone to Love” cover

One of the many things that I’ve always loved about Frank Turner are the covers that he does both on his albums and live in concert. What’s great about them is the wide variety of musical styles that he’ll cover, everything from ABBA’s Dancing Queen to the Motown classic Build me up Buttercup  to Born to Run. One of my favorites though is this cover of the Queen classic Someone to Love which also happens to be one of my favorite Queen songs. This is the studio version off of his compilation The Third Three Years, although you should check out the many great  live versions on YouTube. Frank definitely does Freddie Mercury proud.

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