Song of the Day Sunday Morning 7/21/19 David Bowie – Space Oddity (Mercury Demo)

In honor of the 50th anniversary of the moon landing yesterday, here’s a demo version of Bowie doing Space Oddity with John “Hutch” Hutchinson that appears on the Mercury Demos (released this past June) and I believe was also on the Sound + Vision box set.  Fascinating to hear this classic song in such an early form and to put yourself in the shoes of the people listening to the demo – must have blown them away.  Also funny to hear Bowie say some of these songs might be single material –  ah, I think so!


Song of the Day TBT: Matthew Sweet – Girlfriend

When I lived in Philadelphia in the early 90’s there was a great public radio station called WXPN (associated with the University of Pennsylvania).  It was like a college radio station, but with a professional staff and production values.  That station was a constant companion during my years there, and turned me on to alot of  great music that I’m still listening to today.  I remember first hearing this song on the drive in to work one morning, and I was hooked.  The album by the same name was Matthew Sweet’s breakout out album, and was loaded with great guitar, great harmony vocals, and great power pop hooks in song after song.   A perfect combination of power pop and rock and roll.  He put out a string of similarly great albums in the years after, but this one remains my touchstone, and Girlfriend one of my favorites from it.

I wanna love somebody
I hear you need somebody to love
Oh, I wanna love somebody
I hear you’re looking for someone to love
‘Cause you need to
Be back in the arms of a good friend
And I need to
Be back in the arms of a girlfriend



My new favorite song! Alex Lahey – Don’t Be So Hard on Yourself

Heard this on a new music play list a few weeks back and its been on constant rotation on my phone and in my head since.  I’m not sure what it is about Australian female singers, but it definitely seems I’ve got a thing for them, esp. when its a power pop earworm like this song.  Driving guitar, huge chorus, and then it kicks to a high level with the soaring sax solo in the middle – completely unexpected! I could listen to this over and over (and I have!)

Check it out and see what I mean.  God I love this song!

You take off at Cape Canaveral
And pick me up like Coach Bombay
You’re school captain every year
You’re Christmas without Boxing Day
You haven’t had a day off in weeks
Your voice is shaking when you speak
It might not be my place to help
But don’t but don’t but don’t be so hard on yourself

Song of the Day 7/14/19 Jeremiah Tall “Time”

Couple weeks ago I went to see the smithereens. They did not disappoint. Loved the concert. One of the revelations though was the opening act, Jeremiah Tall. He played banjo, guitar and drums with a company asked who played bass and on one song, a chain (you’d have to see it to believe it). Really cool interesting music. Here’s one of my favorite songs from his short set.