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cropped-1924242_33390424173_8800_nPaul and Mike are friends – best friends – since they learned each other’s shoe sizes in 1982 at LaSalle College during freshman orientation. One of the many interests they share is a love of music; old, new, mainstream, alternative, pop, rock, punkabilly, ambient, country. Not polka or death metal (although a death metal polka song would intrigue them.)
       They have a shared belief that music is much more than background or atmosphere. It inspires, moves you to tears, makes you laugh, and has the the power to make you tap your fingers and move your hips (sometimes involuntarily).  In rare precious moments it can make you feel transcendent. It will make you cry against your will and scream in rage. Mostly, it’s a seasoning that makes our life a bit better, richer, fuller, and more interesting.
     Think I’m waxing rhapsodic? A little too…something? Perhaps. But, here we are, at the middle of our lives, and it’s time to foist our thoughts, musings and attempts at profundity on an unsuspecting public.  In so doing, we invoke the Third Amigo, who left us too soon, but is with us, always. We keep your memory alive.
       Welcome to our blog. Look for album reviews, concert reviews, nods to history, and any other thing that strike our fancy. This band of brothers (minus one) will post at regular …. or irregular intervals, thoughts musings and pontifications on all things musical and some things not musical.
        Warn your friends and family.
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