Song of the Day 1/18/19 The Weakerthans “Sun in an Empty Room”

This is from their 2007 album, Reunion Tour. I really just like the image that the title suggests. Former members of a politically voiced punk band formed the Weakerthans and produced much more introspective music like this one and “ A Cat Named Virtute” (Frank Turner fans my recognize that one)

Song of the Day TBT 1/17/19 Lone Justice – Ways To Be Wicked

Recently fellow blogger Aphoristical posted about great singers and I threw out Maria McKee’s name of Lone Justice. Got me re-listening to them – here’s a standout from the self titled debut in 1985. Sadly the band was short lived and she never had the success her talent warranted (imho)

New Music Discoveries

2019 is only a few weeks old, but of course there is always new music to discover and share.  Below are a few tracks that I’ve been enjoying recently.

Martha – Heart is Healing

I heard this song on a new music playlist right at the end of the year, as it was released in December  Martha are a power pop/punk band from the UK (from the unusually name town of Pity Me in North East England).  They’ve been around since about 2012 and have put out a couple albums and singles which I definitely want to check out.  Interestingly, there is no designated front person, with all the members taking turns singing lead on different songs.  Just absolutely love the guitar riff in this song!


Tallies – Midnight

Tallies are a dream pop band from Toronto that just formed in 2018.  This song is from their self titled debut album just released this past Friday.  It reminds me a bit of early Cranberries and definitely of the Sundays – perhaps its because lead singer Sarah Cogan’s voice reminds me of Harriet Wheeler from the Sundays.


Ex Hex – Cosmic Cave

Ex Hex is a all female rock trio from here in the Washington DC area who formed in 2013, although its members have been in a number of both local and national bands for a while before that.  Cosmic Cave is the first single off their forthcoming album Its Real, due in March 2019.  I’ve always loved loud guitars and female vocals, and this is just up my alley.