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Song of the Day (Saturday Summer Song Series) The Eagles “Take it Easy”

No summer song list would ever be complete for me without this song.


Song of the Day (TBT) 7/18/19 Gin Blossoms “Hey Jealousy “

Paul’s choice of the great Matthew Sweet song “Girlfriend“ put me in mind of the early 90s and what I was listening to then.  This band spent a lot of time in my CD player in the early to mid 90s. While grunge was taking off these guys were more like a throwback to 80s “jangle rock”.

Song of the Day 7/14/19 Jeremiah Tall “Time”

Couple weeks ago I went to see the smithereens. They did not disappoint. Loved the concert. One of the revelations though was the opening act, Jeremiah Tall. He played banjo, guitar and drums with a company asked who played bass and on one song, a chain (you’d have to see it to believe it). Really cool interesting music. Here’s one of my favorite songs from his short set.