Mike’s Top 10 for 2013

Ok, its New Year’s Eve and time for my annual end of the year top ten albums! Disclaimer: These are my favorite new releases of 2013. They may not be yours and you may even hate some. Hopefully you’ll like a few. In a change from prior years this year much more mellow. (Maybe it’s an age thing).

#10 This group is like 80s pop mixed with Motown soul. This song stuck in my head for weeks

Fitz and the Tantrums performing “6AM” Live at KCRW’s Apogee Sessions

#9 I posted this song recently because i think it’s one of the best things i heard this year. Actually, pushed the album into my top 10.

Moby performing “The Perfect Life” Live at the Village on KCRW

#8 These guys just keep making great music. If you love that Southern Cal 70s feel, this is for you.

Dawes – From a Window Seat

#7 Great release from a Philly boy. Second time in my top ten. Hard to pick one song to highlight but this one is great.

[HD] Amos Lee – Chill In The Air – David Letterman 10-8-13

#6 Did I say mellow? This guy epitomizes the word. Consistently great.
(This one’s for you Kris McHugh!)

Jack Johnson – Shot Reverse Shot

#5 This was really tough because he technically had 2 US releases this year but i picked one. Rockabilly folk punk from a 19 year old prodigy who signs with maturity beyond his years and plays guitar like a monster. (check out the you tube video for Broken. It’ll make ya cry)

Jake Bugg – What Doesn’t Kill You (Live) (+playlist)

#4 And now for something completely different. Mike Doughty is unique, uses odd samples and redid songs from his old band from the 90s. LOVE this album. Had it on replay for weeks.

Mike Doughty – The Idiot Kings

#3 At the risk of getting a little hipsterish here…fantastic album.  Gream to listen to in the car by yourself late at night.  This acoustic version is even better than the album version.

The National – I Need My Girl (Live Acoustic)


#2 Magpie and Dandelion… Avett Brothers. Right on the heels of The Carpenter the put out another amazing mix of rock country pop and bluegrass. (can’t wait to see them at Musikfest in August)

Live On Letterman – The Avett Brothers: Open Ended Life

#1 Picking Recovery by Frank Turner was a foregone conclusion months ago. It is simply one of the best albums I’ve heard in years not made by someone named Springsteen. I have 10 favorite songs from this album. Also puts on one of the best shows you’ll ever see. Folk rock punk pop.

Frank Turner – Polaroid Picture

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