August 16 – a sad day in music history

Earlier today we heard the sad news of the passing of Aretha Franklin the Queen of Soul. She of course joins another legend Elvis Presley who died on this day in 1977.

Many other tributes and remembrances have occurred today for Aretha. I have always loved the song Respect, the Otis Redding cover that she made her own and turned into a groundbreaking statement of female empowerment.

When Elvis died in 1977 he was only 42. But of course he was far removed from his artistic peak. His death had a profound effect on a number of artists, including Bruce Springsteen. I think I read somewhere that Bruce saw Elvis’s death as a cautionary tale of what can happen when one’s fame causes you to become isolated from what’s most important in your life – family friends and real connection to others. To honor Elvis on this day here’s Bruce singing Follow that Dream one of his favorites of the King of Rock and Roll

RIP Aretha

RIP Elvis

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