Song of the Day 8/22/18 Greta Van Fleet “Flower Power”

This four man band from Michigan has only been in existence since 2017 but they sound like they’ve been doing this a lot longer.  Classic rock and R&B influences jump out at you. Lead singer is almost channeling Robert Plant in this great song.


2 thoughts on “Song of the Day 8/22/18 Greta Van Fleet “Flower Power””

  1. Great song by a very promising young band! While they say they don’t do it deliberately, these guys definitely sound like early Led Zeppelin. See clip of their latest single “When The Curtain Falls” below. The tune would be a great fit for Zeppelin I.

    Since I dig Zeppelin, especially the first four albums, I don’t have a problem with it – in fact, I think it’s totally cool. I also feel their Zeppelin-esque sound has helped them get recognition.

    The question is at what point people may expect something different from Greta Van Fleet, so their longevity probably depends on the extent to which they can develop a more unique sound.


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