Song of the Day 9/21/18 The Easybeats – “Friday on My Mind”

Well since its Friday…  this song perfectly sums up the longing for the work week to be over so you can get to the weekend and have fun.  The Easybeats were an Australian band who had their only real hit in the US with this song in 1966.  Produced by the legendary producer Shel Talmy and later covered by David Bowie.  Fun fact – guitarist George Young, who co-wrote this song with guitarist Harry Vanda, is the older brother of Malcolm and Angus Young of AC/DC.

2 thoughts on “Song of the Day 9/21/18 The Easybeats – “Friday on My Mind””

  1. Loved this song as a teenager. Always wondered why their records never crossed the ocean again. Heard they were huge in Australia, but in those days there was no YouTube to listen to, or an internet to find out if that was true. We only got what the record sellers were willing to let us hear. Today’s kids have that part so much better. Now, if only they would produce the same quality of sound…


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