Song of the Day TBT 11-1-18 Counting Crows – Mr. Jones

I remember the first time I heard this song on the radio in San Antonio and loving it – shortly after I went to the record store and bought the album.  I’ve always love the initial guitar riff, the slow short build, and the imagery of the lyrics – one of those songs that you don’t want to end.

6 thoughts on “Song of the Day TBT 11-1-18 Counting Crows – Mr. Jones”

  1. Infectious tune! I also dig the album, “August And Everything After,”on which song appears.

    In general, I’m a ‘60s and ‘70s guy when it comes to music. I also have a weak spot for the ‘80s, since it’s the decade during which I grew up.

    By comparison, music released in the ‘90s and thereafter excites me less, but there are exceptions. Counting Crows are one of them, especially this album – I just love the band’s sound on it!

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    1. Yes I agree that I kind of missed the 90s in terms of really loving much. Yes I was pleasantly surprised when I put record on first time how great it was. Rain King. Raining in Baltimore. So many great songs.


    1. Yeah I hadn’t heard the live version but in reading more about it last night read an interview where he said right at start of a Rolling Stone interview some fan came up and asked that! And of course that was opening line of the RS interview.

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