Song of the Day 11/3/18 Bruce Springsteen “Lost in the Flood “

One of my favorite Springsteen songs of all time. Not one of his big hits and not something he plays live often. But this was basically the soundtrack to junior year in college. I played this song after every single organic chemistry test because it accurately reflected how I felt at that moment. We also got pummeled by rain last night as hard as I can ever remember.

It also has an absolutely scorching guitar solo by Bruce. Many forget how great a guitarist he actually is.

4 thoughts on “Song of the Day 11/3/18 Bruce Springsteen “Lost in the Flood “”

  1. Ah yes the joys of organic chemistry! And look we still grew up to be successful despite not having a clue the difference btw a boat and an chair confirmation. Or whatever the hell it was called.

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  2. Holy cow, what a great tune and performance! I had not been aware of it. Not only is it a reminder what a powerful frontman Bruce is but also what a kickass band he has with the E Street Band! As I just found out, this tune from Bruce’s very first album. Heavy lyrics, BTW!

    I find it interesting how it oftentimes goes with longtime favorite artists, at least in my case. Initially, it’s a particular song that draws you in, oftentimes a hit. Then you start listening to other tunes. More often than not they are also better known songs. The next step is to dig deeper by exploring entire albums. As you keep listening, suddenly you discover deeper cuts. And just like in your case, eventually, one of the more “obscure” songs becomes a favorite.

    One random example in my case (ok, actually not so random!) is “If I Needed Someone” by The Beatles, one of my favorite George Harrison compositions. It’s a pretty simple tune, but I just find it infectious. Undoubtedly one reason is I’m a huge fan of the Rickenbacker guitar sound.

    Going back to The Boss, have you ever heard of this guy? I realize as a big Springsteen you probably either love it or hate it. I just find this dude amazing!

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