End of 2018 Wrap Up

Well we’ve reached the end of 2018, the inaugural (half!) year of our blog that we started this past June.  It’s been a blast sharing our love of music with the world, especially the music blog community.  We’ve tried a few different types of things, some have panned out while others haven’t, but we have lots of great ideas for 2019.  Here’s some interesting stats looking back at 2018 (interesting at least to us!):

Since Mike’s wife Wendy created the original site in June and called Mike’s bluff about starting a music blog, our little project has had 3785 views (full disclosure: about 1000 of those views are by Paul and Mike) , from 1612 visitors, from 35 countries on 6 continents (we guess the researchers in Antartica don’t have time for music blogs!), with 616 likes and 264 comments. Our most viewed submission was our piece entitled “Remembering Rich”, fitting as our missing third amigo is with us in spirit always, especially in all things musical. We profiled 213 songs in our Song of the Day.

One of the best things about starting a music blog has been connecting with fellow music lovers all over the country and the world!  We want to send a big thank you to all for being so welcoming, inspiring, thought provoking and encouraging to us this past year.  While we have shared and conversed with many, we especially wanted to call out and thank Jim at Music Enthusiast, hanspostcard at slicethelife, Christian at Christian’s Music Musing, hotfox63, Aphoristical at Aphoristic Album Reviews, Vinyl Connections, Steve for the Deaf, The Soul of A Clown, and High Fives & Stage Dives.  Thanks for all the great music.

Our goals for 2019? Keep enjoying music, pestering our readers and followers with our thoughts, more original content and more concert reviews (we still owe you a John Hiatt, Steve Earle and Mumford & Sons review).

As a big thank you to everyone, here’s a Spotify playlist of all 213 songs that were featured on our Song of the Day feature – new music, classic favorites, slower contemplative stuff, and other songs we just love.

We’ll see everyone on the other side of New Year’s Day in 2019!

Mike and Paul’s Music Blog Song of the Day Spotify playlist


4 thoughts on “End of 2018 Wrap Up”

  1. Thanks- you as well! I just added an actual link to the Spotify playlist. Also check out the separate posts that Mike and I did on our favorite new music from 2018!


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