Song of the Day TBT – 10th Avenue Freeze-out

Classic Springsteen song but with a twist.  Video below is from last night’s Little Steven Summer of Sorcery tour stop in Asbury Park, NJ, when during the encore, who should come out on stage but….  Amazing how that happens!

Sadly, I was not there, this is pulled off YouTube.  I love though how the song kicks in right at the moment when Bruce comes out.  Also love the classic Bruce/Steve back and forth at the end!

5 thoughts on “Song of the Day TBT – 10th Avenue Freeze-out”

  1. Man, this is friggin’ awesome!

    I saw Little Steven and The Disciples of Soul during their supporting tour for the “Soulfire” album – great show. I would have loved to be in Asbury Park last night but was tied up with work.

    They are playing the Beacon in November during their second leg of their U.S. tour. Tickets are going on sale tomorrow and I’m very tempted.

    On the other hand, you can’t see everybody, and between The Who, Joe Jackson, Hall & Oates and The Rolling Stones (hoping their LetLife show gets rescheduled!), I’ve already invested significant money – and I’m only counting “the big ones,” not other concerts that are more affordable individually but also add up when taken together!

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    1. I am definitely going to try to see LS this time around. Saw him also last time in Philly. Looks like he has been also playing Sun City which I would love to see. And I have been waiting decades to see him. Plus once puts out E street band record could be years again. And they ain’t getting any younger. I hear you re other shows though. you cant see them all but LS one of faves so I’m in

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    2. Hey just occurred to me – don’t know your occupation but if you are a teacher or know a teacher you could go for free – teachers see his shoes free!

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      1. Yeah, I know Little Steven is very dedicated to supporting teachers – bless him!

        As for me, nope, I work in public relations, so I’ll have to cough up the money if I want to see these guys again.😀


  2. I have a funny feeling I can somehow find a way to rationalize seeing Little Steven a second time!😀

    Frankly, the age factor played a key role in my decision to see The Who and The Rolling Stones again.

    Roger Daltrey has been pretty outspoken about the fact that touring becomes increasingly harder with age and that he is only willing to continue doing it, if his voice is in decent shape. While some bands may use pending retirement as a marketing gimmick, I think Roger is genuine about it.

    While I certainly hope The Who will rock on, I think it’s going to be my last show. I saw the band for the first time at the Garden in 2001/2002, so it feels like coming full circle.

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