5 thoughts on “Song of the Day 5/30/19 Bruce Springsteen “Tucson Train””

  1. Frankly, I wasn’t too impressed with “There Goes My Miracle” but really like “Tucson Train” – the sound/use of violins reminds me a bit of another artist I dig: John Mellencamp and albums like “Rough Harvest” and “The Lonesome Jubilee.”

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    1. Yes after a few more listens I think I am with you Christian. I see the Mellencamp comparison. I also like how the percussion at beginning sounds like a train going down tracks. Also to me the synths actually sound like a train whistle a bit which works with the song.

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    2. Also re Miracle agree not as much to the song – to me he is trying to channel one of his heroes – Roy Orbison. Would have loved to see what Roy did with this song.

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