4 thoughts on “Song of the Day 6/16/19 Bruce Springsteen “Western Stars””

  1. What do you think of the new album?

    In general, I think it’s not bad, though I’m still kind of digesting it. Obviously, it’s very different from the Springsteen music with The E Street Band I dig the most.


  2. I had an interesting reaction to this album. I’m a huge fan and I’m used to instantly loving 90% of everything he does. My first listen through this album was a bit ho-hum and now I’ve been through it three or four times and I love it. It is definitely growing on me. No stadium rocking anthem type Songs but the album as a whole really works and if feels like A really honest portrait of where Bruce is these days.


  3. I have only listened to it once myself and thought it was ok but it deserves many more listens- it didn’t immediately knock me off my feet but…we shall see.


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