For Adam Schlesinger, RIP

Just heard the devastating news that Adam Schlesinger, co-founder of Fountains of Wayne, one of my favorite power pop bands, has died of COVID19 complications.  While Stacy’s Mom was their biggest hit, this was my favorite song of theirs.  Their brilliant combination of huge power pop riffs and witty lyrics will be sorely missed.  Sending my thoughts to his family, friends and fans worldwide.

How many more will we lose?


HT to Aphoristical for the heads up.

8 thoughts on “For Adam Schlesinger, RIP”

  1. Who wrote what.

    92 Subaru Adam Schlesinger
    A Dip In The Ocean Chris Collingwood
    A Fine Day for a Parade Chris Collingwood
    A Road Song Adam Schlesinger
    Acela Adam Schlesinger
    Action Hero Adam Schlesinger
    All Kinds of Time Adam Schlesinger
    Amity Gardens Chris Collingwood
    Baby One More Time Max Martin
    Barbara H. Chris Collingwood
    Better Things Ray Davies
    Bought for a Song Chris Collingwood
    Bright Future in Sales Adam Schlesinger
    Bus Stop Graham Gouldman
    Can’t Get It Out of My Head Jeff Lynne
    Cemetary Guns Chris Collingwood
    Chanukah Under the Stars Adam Schelsinger
    Cold Comfort Flowers Chris Collingwood
    Cry One Tear Chris Collingwood
    Denise Adam Schlesinger
    Everything’s Ruined Adam Schlesinger
    Fire In The Canyon Chris Collingwood
    Fire Island Adam Schlesinger
    Firelight Waltz Chris Collingwood
    Go, Hippie Chris Collingwood
    Hackensack Adam Schlesinger
    Halley’s Waitress Adam Schlesinger
    Hat and Feet Adam Schlesinger
    Hate To See You Like This Adam Schlesinger
    Help! John Lennon/Paul McCartney
    Hey Julie Adam Schlesinger
    Hotel Majestic Chris Collingwood
    Hung Up on You Chris Collingwood
    I-95 Adam Schlesinger
    I Know You Well Chris Collingwood
    I’ll Do the Driving Chris Collingwood
    I Want an Alien for Christmas Adam Schlesinger
    I Want You Around Chris Collingwood
    Imperia Chris Collingwood
    It Must be Summer Adam Schlesinger
    I’ve Got a Flair Adam Schlesinger
    Janice’s Party Chris Collingwood
    Joe Rey Chris Collingwood
    Kid Gloves Chris Collingwood
    Killermont Street Roddy Frame
    Laser Show Adam Schlesinger
    Leave the Biker Chris Collingwood
    Little Red Light Adam Schlesinger
    Lost in Space Adam Schlesinger
    Maureen Adam Schlesinger
    Mexican Wine Adam Schlesinger
    Michael and Heather At The Baggage Claim Adam Schlesinger
    New Routine Adam Schlesinger
    Nightlight Adam Schlesinger
    Peace and Love Adam Schlesinger
    Places Chris Collingwood
    Planet Of Weed Adam Schlesinger
    Please Don’t Rock Me Tonight Chris Collingwood
    Prom Theme Adam Schlesinger
    Radiation Vibe Chris Collingwood
    Radio Bar Adam Schlesinger
    Red Dragon Tattoo Chris Collingwood
    Revolving Dora Adam Schlesinger
    Richie and Reuben Adam Schlesinger
    Seatbacks and Traytables Chris Collingwood
    Sense Into You Adam Schlesinger
    She’s Got a Problem Adam Schlesinger
    Sick Day Adam Schlesinger/Chris Collingwood
    Sink to the Bottom Adam Schlesinger
    Small Favors Chris Collingwood
    Someone To Love Adam Schlesinger
    Someone’s Gonna Break Your Heart Chris Collingwood
    Song Of The Passaic W: John Alleyne Macnab M: Adam Schlesinger
    Stacy’s Mom Adam Schlesinger
    Strapped For Cash Adam Schlesinger
    Supercollider Chris Collingwood
    Survival Car Chris Collingwood
    The Girl I Can’t Forget Adam Schlesinger
    The Man in the Santa Suit Chris Collingwood
    The Senator’s Daughter Adam Schlesinger
    The Story In Your Eyes Justin Hayward
    The Summer Place Adam Schlesinger
    The Valley of Malls Chris Collingwood
    These Days Jackson Browne
    This Better Be Good Adam Schlesinger
    Today’s Teardrops Gene Pitney/Aaron Schroeder
    Traffic and Weather Adam Schlesinger
    Trains and Boats and Planes Burt Bacharach/Hal David
    Troubled Times Chris Collingwood
    Utopia Parkway Adam Schlesinger
    Valley Winter Song Chris Collingwood
    Workingman’s Hands Chris Collingwood
    Yolanda Hayes Adam Schlesinger
    You Curse at Girls Adam Schlesinger

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  2. It’s a shame. I only knew “Stacey’s Mom.”

    These are unreal times!

    I just wish all folks in this country would take the coronavirus more seriously. I find it mind-boggling how certain governors have refused to direct people in their states to stay at home!


    1. Totally agree Christian. No way we should be in the situation we are in but here we are. Hope you and your family are staying safe and healthy – it sounds really bad in NJ and NY

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      1. Thanks, Paul, so far, so good! We live in Central NJ in a relatively sleepy neighborhood, so we’re a bit insulated.

        Until three weeks ago, I frequently commuted to work in NYC. I’m glad I no longer need to do that and can work from home.

        Hope you and your family also stay well!


      2. Yes we are doing good. There has only been about 120 cases in our county. I am also able to telework. But having my two kids home from school and my mother with us it makes for a cozy situation. Worse part is I did most of my music listening in the car on way to work – so music consumption has dropped a lot 😢

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      3. I know what you’re talking listening to music during your commute. Mine takes about 1:45 hours one way. While on the one hand that sucks, on the other hand, it provides plenty of me time, and that definitely includes listening to music!

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