Song for our Times – Bob Mould American Crisis

A scream of rage in this dark time in the history of US.

I heard a story on the radio a few weeks ago (before we slid off cliff) about what this year’s “song of the summer” will be (last year it was Uptown Road)….

This song has my vote for song for this summer.

You’re one of us,

Or one of them

If you’re one of them

Don’t come near me again

5 thoughts on “Song for our Times – Bob Mould American Crisis”

  1. That was really good – I liked the video too. Looks like he recorded it in January – he’s probably “lucky” with the timing, as it’s the perfect time to release a protest song.

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  2. While this song falls outside my core wheelhouse, undoubtedly, it’s a good fit to the disturbing events we’re currently witnessing. Hopefully, this will finally be the needed wake up call to address the cancer of systemic racism.

    With lack of compassion and utter incompetence at the highest level of power, it’s going to depend on decisive leadership at the local level to bring about needed change – and for “regular” folks to remember that they still have the power to elect their leaders, locally and on the state and national levels.

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