Song of the Day TBT 9/13/18 Tom Tom Club – “Genius of Love”

Tom Tom Club was the dance/funk side project of Tina Weymouth and Chris Frantz from Talking Heads fame.  While on hiatus from the Heads in 1980, they recorded this catchy number which appeared on their self titled 1981 album.  Just shows the incredible talent that all of the members of Talking Heads had. This song also featured avant garde guitarist Adrian Belew

8 thoughts on “Song of the Day TBT 9/13/18 Tom Tom Club – “Genius of Love””

  1. Great song- I went out to buy that album because of that song- it didn’t matter if the rest of the album was good or not- it was just a bonus the rest of the album was good. Should have been a big hit!

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    1. I discovered them in college after a friend turned me on to talking heads and I was into all things related. Agree it should have been a bigger hit. I also really liked Wordy Rappinghood

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  2. I’m a big, big fan of this song. I love the way it references James Brown and Bootsy Collins among others. I love the first line of the song “…What ya gonna do when ya get out of Jail? I’m gonna have some fun. What do you consider fun? Fun natural fun.” Genius. Ha! I also love how Mariah Carey sampled this song in her single Fantasy. Her best song, I think.

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    1. Yes agree. The song is just that – fun natural fun. Yes in reading about song sounds like it has been sampled a lot. Not familiar with Mariah Carey song – can’t say I’m a big fan but worth hearing how she used it

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