2 thoughts on “Song of the Day (TBT) 3/7/19 George Harrison “What is Life””

  1. Agree, “All Things Must Pass” is the highlight of both George’s solo catalog and all the solo albums released by John, Paul and Ringo.

    Since so many songs George had written during the Beatles period never had made any Beatles record or single, he had lots of material to choose from. And George clearly had a need to release much of this great music, which explains why it became a double LP.

    I also find there’s at least one or two nice tunes on all of his other solo albums that followed, but none is as compelling as “All Things Must Pass.”


  2. I was reading comments on a Beatles forum yesterday about how George got cheated out on The White Album- he had a back log of songs building up and John and Paul got some inferior material on the album over George’s songs- but George got the last laugh with possibly the best Beatles solo album- with some of that back load of songs he had.


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